Ten Reasons for Using Zirconia-Based HPLC Columns:

1.   ZirChrom-PBD columns do not have to be replaced due to phase loss nearly as often as conventional silica based columns. 
ZirChrom-PBD columns are much more pH stable than silica based bonded phases. ZirChrom-PBD columns can be used at both low pH (1M nitric acid) and high pH (1M hydroxide) without the active stationary phase loss characteristic of silica based phases.
2.  ZirChrom-PBD columns do not have to be replaced due to loss in resolution due to changes in peak shape nearly as often as conventional silica based columns.
ZirChrom-PBD columns show no peak tailing for amines (due to silanophilic interactions) over time as do most silica based phases.
3.  ZirChrom-PBD columns are more efficient than polymer phases.
4.  ZirChrom-PBD columns allow for simplified method development.
ZirChrom-PBD columns have a chromatographic selectivity much closer to that of bonded phase silicas than do polymer type phases thereby greatly simplifying method development.
5.  ZirChrom-PBD columns significantly reduce total analysis costs by decreasing operator time, equipment run time, organic solvent usage and waste disposal.
ZirChrom-PBD columns can be used at much higher temperatures than either silica or polymer based phases. High temperature analyses are ordinarily much faster than conventional runs.
6.  ZirChrom-PBD columns offer a third dimension (temperature) to optimize band spacing.
ZirChrom-PBD columns can be used at high temperature (up to 200C) thereby allowing the user a third dimension in LC (along with mobile phase and stationary phase choice) to optimize band spacing. 
7.  ZirChrom-PBD columns eliminate the need for ion pairing agents with attendant poor efficiency.
ZirChrom-PBD columns can be used at low and high pH to convert ionized acids (COO-) and bases (NH3+, etc.) into neutral species thereby avoiding use of ion pairing agents.
8.  ZirChrom-CARB columns are an ideal choice for RPLC when ODS type phases don’t work.
ZirChrom-CARB columns are acid, base and temperature stable, offering RPLC behavior with greatly different chromatographic selectivity compared to conventional silica RPLC phases. ZirChrom-CARB columns are generally preferable to conventional alkyl phases for separation of polar and non-polar isomers (ortho/meta/para, cis/trans, diastereomers).
9.  ZirChrom-WAX, ZirChrom-SAX and ZirChrom-SHAX columns are stable (compared to silica technology) and highly efficient (compared to polymer technology) weak, strong and strong hydrophilic cross-linked anion exchangers, respectively. ZirChrom-WCX is a weak bio-compatible cation-exchanger that is a good alternative to hydroxyapatite.
10.  ZirChrom-PHASE is an uncoated normal phase zirconia support that can be cleaned by removing contaminants with hot 1M nitric acid.

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