ZirChrom-WAX columns offer today's chromatographer the following advantages:

  • Efficient weak anion-exchanger useful for inorganic and organic anions. Stable from pH 3-9.
  • Useful for the separation of bio-molecules such as nucleotides, nucleosides, oligonucleotides, oligodeonucleotides, amino acids, peptides and proteins.
  • High anion-exchange capacity that can be controlled by the amount of polymer deposited on the porous zirconia substrate.
  • Different selectivity than silica or polymeric anion-exchangers.
  • Does not shrink or swell as a function of anionic strength or organic modifier content of the mobile phase.
  • Extremely stable amino phase for normal phase separation of carbohydrates.

ZirChrom-WAX SDS (PDF)

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