ZAPPS Volume 17:  

ZirChrom®-PBD, a Superior Choice for the Validated Analysis of Basic Pharmaceuticals.

In this special EAS edition of Z-APPS we have included three new application notes that feature separations on the ZirChrom®-PBD phase.  This research explores how the unique selectivity and stability of ZirChrom®-PBD can be employed to meet the toughest separation validation challenges for basic pharmaceuticals.

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Fast Separation of Triptans in Rat Plasma on ZirChrom®-PBD - The following reviews a published comparison by Ahmed and Atia, at Taibah University (Saudi Arabia) and Assiut University (Egypt) of the ZirChrom®-PBD column to the Hypersil BDS C18 column for the analysis of triptans in rat plasma.  This pioneering work concluded that the ZirChrom®-PBD had a superior selectivity for these analytes; allowing for an isocratic method with comparatively enhanced selectivity, peak shape and efficiency with an analysis time of less than six minutes.  (PDF - Full Application Note)

Stability of ZirChrom®-PBD for the Fast Separation of Triptans - The following reviews a published novel analysis by Ahmed and Atia, at Taibah University (Saudi Arabia) and Assiut University (Egypt) of four triptans in rat plasma using the ZirChrom®-PBD column.  This pioneering work concluded that the ZirChrom®-PBD phase had superior selectivity for these analytes.  In this application note we present the author's findings regarding the stability of this method on the ZirChrom®-PBD phase.   (PDF - Full Application Note)

Analysis of Azithromycin using ZirChrom®-PBD - The ZirChrom®-PBD column has been designated by the USP as L49 and can be used for the analysis of azithromycin.  The pH required for the stability of the azithromycin analytes requires a high pH compatible column such as the ZirChrom®-PBD phase. This application note presents the pH 11.0 analysis of azithromycin on ZirChrom®-PBD.   (PDF - Full Application Note)

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