ZAPPS Volume 18:  

ZirChrom®-EZ, multi-mode selectivity for LC/MS compatible separations.

In this special Eastern Analytical Symposium edition of Z-APPS we present three application notes that feature separations on the ZirChrom®-EZ phase.  This research explores how the unique selectivity and stability of ZirChrom®-EZ  can be employed to meet the toughest separation validation challenges for basic pharmaceuticals.

ZirChrom will be exhibiting at the upcoming Eastern Analytical Symposium at the Crowne Plaza Princeton in Plainsboro, NJ.   To learn more about this cutting edge research visit us at our booth #L18 in the Lakeside Terrace Room on November 12-14th, 2018.

LC/MS Compatible Separation of Cocaine and Benzoylecognine  - The Lewis acidity of zirconia-based supports for HPLC has historically been problematic, particularly in LC/MS applications where volatile mobile phase additives are required. In this application note we demonstrate the utility of a new zirconia-based column, ZirChrom®-EZ, for the separation of cocaine and benzoylecongnine using an LC/MS compatible mobile phase.  Excellent peak shape and baseline resolution were obtained for cocaine and benzoylcongnine on the ZirChrom®-EZ column using simple gradient elution conditions and a LC/MS compatible acetate buffer.  (PDF - Full Application Note)

Fast, LC/MS Compatible Separation of Opioids on ZirChrom®-EZ  - The structural similarity of hydromorphone to morphine and hydrocodone to codeine requires a very selective stationary phase. Due to the fact that these compound pairs have identical molecular weights, a MS-detector is unable to distinguish between the parent compound and its metabolite. The unique characteristics of the ZirChrom┬«-EZ column allow for fast resolution of all four of these opioids using a simple acetonitrile/water gradient in combination with a MS-compatible ammonium acetate buffer at pH 5.0. The resulting method allows reliable quantitation by LC/MS.   (PDF - Full Application Note)

LC/MS Compatible Separation of Benzodiazepines on ZirChrom®-EZ -Benzodiazepines, typically are poorly resolved on silica C18 phases, are well separated on ZirChrom®-EZ. We report here the separation of four benzodiazepines under isocratic elution conditions and an LC/MS compatible acetate buffer.   (PDF - Full Application Note)

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